The Economic Development team had a problem. Their sources for important geographic data were either too complicated to use or not readily available without the help of an expert...

At the same time, they needed a way to prepare and show this data to clientele. EDIS solved all of their problems.

EDIS is an interactive mapping application built to provide the Economic and Urban Development team with an easy way to make informed decisions, provide central portfolio management, share information with clients, and answer frequently asked questions based on geospatial data. It displays important data such as parcel boundaries, downtown master plan districts, new market tax credits, and opportunity zones. It also boasts a host of features and functionality like drawing and measuring tools, a nearby amenities widget, and the ability to download sharable parcel reports.

This tool was built because the EUD team was having to find important GIS data from sources that were either complicated to use or not available without the assistance of an expert. EDIS provides a centralized way to work with and share this geospatial data which saves time and greatly improves productivity.

Check it out for yourself at the link below:

Economic Development Information System